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The private sector?s financial risk appetite has become substantially stressed due to huge actual real losses along with high carrier reserves related to expanding and continuing penetration into various equity market projects.

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The new attitude of ultra conservative risk management is reflective of the continued uncertainty in worldwide equity markets. This has caused an environment of irrational exuberance and despair forming nervous investor consciousness into unpredictable patterns.

The faulty risk identification of collateralized debt obligations of the biggest firms in the industry has sent Wall Street into a tailspin. The heavy exposure in the sub-prime realm is the result of a balancing act over the years of what would otherwise have been a stall or even significant downturn in new home construction and existing home purchases.

Trans-Global views the trend toward privatization of public infrastructure as an up-and-coming opportunity for long-term growth prospects in its development segment. The development segment allows for a centralized focus on infrastructure and asset privatization with avenues of additional sales opportunities.

Trans-Global sees the insurance branch of the business as a legitimate asset to the development business. The goal is to provide businesses additional options when harnessed with substantial growth obstacles that include but are not limited to: delivering more products and services, staffing, raising capital and financing, and managing technology.

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