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Trans-Global strives to offer the finest quality design, site preparation, cost estimates, construction, repair, and alteration. Trans-Global has attracted and developed an exceptional group of professionals. The development team’s substantial experience in asset identification and expansion helps to shape the company’s market approach to real estate investing.

Trans-Global expects to exceed our customers’ best expectations with only the highest quality insurance products, consulting, and related services. The insurance team’s extensive knowledge of the various financial bonding and insurance packages available allows a wide-range of creativity with internal and external services.

Trans-Global approaches the public market of asset allocation by assessing opportunities or fundamental value on the basis of a research-intensive bottom-up approach. Trans-Global leverages its development team’s experience in the real estate industry to identify and assess the fundamental aspects that underlie prospective investment opportunities. With a solid understanding of these concepts, the team seeks to invest in those opportunities where a divergence exists between market values and underlying fundamental values.

Trans-Global views bonding selection as a process to be augmented and balanced at the portfolio level by managing exposure to macro and systematic risks. As a consequence, the company continually strives to employ a distinctive approach to monitor and diminish the likelihood of undesirable events that could otherwise adversely affect the portfolio.

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